Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just a quick toodle-loo

I've been busy with school and sidelined with a sprained right wrist, but I'm still around.

I'm looking forward to my Nexus 7 with glee in the next couple of weeks, unless the Galaxy Note 8 is reasonably priced. I admit to being spoiled by the S-Pen. And yet I still wish the Google apps were more specialized for tablets. I look longingly at the Apple App Store with all of their nifty iPad specific apps, but I can't betray my love Andy that way. The new Nook looks interesting, but I hate not having access to the Play market, and of course that's why I won't be going the Kindle Fire route again. I honestly don't expect to go over 200.00 for what will be a throw-and-go, meaning my ASUS will still be my go to, but I want something a bit smaller and portable to take with me out and about and for long periods of reading, and maybe some Netflixes on the go.

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