Friday, February 22, 2013

I have my Nexus 7 in my hands !!!

OMG...I love this tablet so very much. It's so smooth, fast and buttery. *pun totally intended*
As soon as I turned it on I was able to update to 4.2.2 and I'm enjoying it just as much if not more as a handful of watermelon jelly bellies:)

I ended up going with the 32 GB model w/o 4G, I couldn't stomach having to deal with AT&T for anything else. I also picked up a smart cover for $12.95 at Amazon.

Even though the N7 has pretty much the same specs as my ASUS TF300T with the exception of .1 processor speed it seems so much faster and smoother. I wonder how much of that is the update of Jelly Bean to 4.2.2 and how much of it is the "pure" Android experience.

It's the perfect size for reading books for a long period of time, watching Netflix and Internet browsing. However the battery time is appallingly short; on about 25% brightness and reading with the Moon Reader + app, wifi/ auto sync in the background I may get 5 hours, maybe 4 1/2 if I do some extended web browsing. I'll be looking into that and maybe some apps that will help increase my battery time. Other than that I'm so blown away by this little tablet.

I'll be sharing some of the apps I'm using for next week's article, but in the meantime have a look at Dash Clock Widget. I've been lurking at the Nexus 7 forums at xda developers and learning a lot about this tablet. I can't wait to share the joys as I learn more about this new tablet.

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  1. Was wondering if you've tried reading any comics on it? :)