Tuesday, April 9, 2013

These are some of my favorite things -- the Apps edition

Since I'm pretty well stocked hardware-wise (even though there are some new things around that sort of tempt me). I decided it was time to dish on 10 of my favorite apps. As a quick refresher I have the Nexus 7 32 GB 4.2.2, Asus TF300 16 GB 4.2.1, and finally the Samsung Note 1 4.0.4 ( still no JB update yet, even though it's been promised since 10/12 >:| ) What I use my devices for are mainly school, Netflix, Amazon Prime, reading, web browsing, some social networking, mostly face book, shopping, moderate video and picture taking, and magazine and news feed readers.

1.  Evernote: Why I love it ? It syncs all my notes, pictures, snippets, voice memo's etc on all my devices as well as my laptop. And it's free if you don't use it excessively.
2. Repligo Reader Why I love it ? It's the best .pdf reader I have found, I try new ones every time some article says hey this one is great, but I always come back, and when they added support for cloud services, well that just made it even more awesome. I particularly like the "reflow text option". I have a lot of old .lit, epub, html etc. files for my ebooks and using Calibre I convert them to .pdf, sometimes it's neater and easier to not have the static .pdf pages, reflow text allows you to resize the text yet maintain the format, vs having to swipe left to right and up-down if you want the text larger.
3. Anydo. Why I love it? Again it's the fact that I can sync my to do lists across all my devices, the missed calls reminder is also a plus. I don't like the new plan your day feature, many people do, I tend to be free and easy when it comes to doing a to do list and I don't like a lot of notifications going on. I adore the clean look and the widget choices.

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