Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Looking to wade back into the 7inch tab water

My 3rd gen iPod touch has finally given up the ghost. It won't last 3 hours off the charger, so I'm looking for a cheap, portable all in one entertainment device. I've decided that with a 5.3" phone and 10.1 inch tablet, I want another 7inch device, but it needs to have the same power under the hood as both my other devices The Galaxy Note  I and ASUS TF300T. Now my tablet is mainly for school and I adore my phone so I'm a bit reluctant to use it as a primary entertainment device. I do find that I'm missing the ease of whipping out my Kindle Fire 1st gen and it was sturdy enough that I gave no thought of tossing it in my bag and was even a bit rough with it. What I'm not missing is the limited storage, and no access to the Play (tm) Market. Also be honest I'm feeling a bit resentful that the OG Note users still haven't gotten Jelly Bean yet.

So my list of requirements are short, but meaningful:
Decent Storage (at least 16 GB)
Access to the Play Market(tm)
Timely Android updates

image courtesy of zazzle

In the middle of making my list, the perfect tablet hit me, the Nexus 7 by Google! It fits all my needs perfectly, except the fact that it doesn't have a micro-sd card slot, but the 16 GB version is 199.00 which means I can overlook that. A plus is that it is made by ASUS who I totally fangirl. Another plus is if I want to spend a bit more I can get 4G service from AT&T ( which I'm not likely to do, because I don't like them very much right now) I'll just tether it to the Note.

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