Thursday, October 11, 2012

Still Waffling... ASUS TF300 or Ipad 2

iYesterday I happened to take part in a debate on the pros and cons of the Android OS and  iOS. It made me wonder If I'm really making the right decision, realistically I don't like the Apple OS; the entire set up is directly opposite of Android's which I love and am very familiar with. So I began to do more research and found more articles that had information for college students in particular.
Also honestly I realized that even if I bought an iPad I would still buy an Android tablet. (Of course, I can't afford that being a student and all.) So, I am going to list at the end of this article several different links to blog posts, articles & reviews that may help others make up their mind.

I'm going to go to Best Buy tomorrow and see if I can get a hands on demonstration with both the iPad 2 and the Asus TF 300. I'm 95% sure that I'll be bringing the Asus home. I will give it a thorough testing with all the free apps listed as well as some that are already have.

Part of the reason I'm choosing to go with the Asus is that I have one note, dropbox, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and will be getting a keyboard, finally I I will be getting log me in ignition or some similar program that will allow me to access my laptop. Later today I will be posting another post with a list of keyboards and styli that I plan to use, or rather test out.

At present I am writing this with Dragon naturally speaking. The getting used to is sort of annoying, but I think it will help.


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