Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hard Choices....The Ipad 2 or ASUS T300

As I previously posted, Evan my friendly Best Buy guy talked me up into the 350-400 range for tablets. This being of course getting the 75.00 trade in on my 1st Gen Kindle Fire and my Reward Zones points which together would knock off nearly 100.00. Now that I have the money (in a day or so) in hand. I was forced to be honest with myself. The tablet isn't really for entertainment but education, otherwise I would just get a less walled in 7 incher {like the Samsung Galaxy 7.0.) However I all my textbooks are e-texts, plus I just got Dragon Naturally Speaking for transcribing notes as I read, among many of the other learning tools I use for classes. I realized that even though I am one of the biggest Adrogeeks around, the Android tablet apps aren't where they need to be especially for what I need. I just got the Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket so I can ditch the iPod touch that has been my entertainment center for the longest. The screen is large and crisp, the 8 MP camera rocks, and it's been updated to ICS. That's where the doubts started to come in, none of the apps I needed for school are in the Play (tm) market nor any of the others, and the supposedly "just like your app of choice" substitutes didn't play well with the computer versions or many of them didn't play well at all.

So I did what I do best, research and sadly, I have to admit that the iPad 2 is just what I need. Well that and to learn to make apps. I'm posting some links to some really honest reviews comparing the 2 tablets,

Tech Republic by Donovan Colbert

Tech Hive by Melissa Perenson

Complex Tech by Alex Bracetti

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