Monday, November 12, 2012

Using a cheap keyboard is awesome and easy

I just wanted to share my experience with an economical ( read very cheap) keyboard). I purchased a Saxony Bluetooth keyboard from Amazon for 13.49 at the time of this article and the batteries Tenergy centura LSD Rechargeable for around 6.00, so for around 20.00 I scored a pretty awesome deal. No, it doesnt't have all the bells and whistles as the Prime Keyboard, but honestly I don't think I'll need them, or at least not while it's hovering around the 100.00 mark. Yep, that's the Best Buy Black Friday price. Incindentally the Black TF 300 16 GB will be on sale BF for 279.99. So if you are wanting the tablet/dock for that price I'd suggest having Thanksgiving Dinner at BB.

 Now to the experience: I simply turned on the popped in the batteries, turned the keyboard on and pressed the connect button. After that I scanned for devices and the tablet discovered it immediately. It took less than a minute all told.
The keyboard itself is responsive and pretty much the same size as my laptop keyboard. The keys are full sized and the built in incline is actually pretty much perfect . Now to what could be better, I do miss the home, backspace, and end buttons, as I use them a lot, I haven't tried the other function buttons mainly because I don't use them, according to the reviewers they don't function as listed, however that could be user error, because there's no manual to set them up. I honestly don't care that much enough to hunt up an online manual. Again, for less than 15.00 it does exactly what it needs to do. One last thing, I noticed even in the balanced mode with BT on the battery on the tab seems to be dropping quicker. 
EDIT: I just checked the function keys, I can confirm that the one with the square one works as esc, f3 = search, f10-12 work as shown, the others did nothing when pressed. And pressing the DEL key for more than 15-30 seconds it locked the screen. 

Saxony Bluetooth Keyboard--13.49

Tenergy LSD Rechargable Batteries -- 5.98

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